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SSAT/ISEE Intensive Camp Prep Course

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A+ Learning Center SSAT/ISEE (Verbal+Reading+Writing) Intensive Camp Prep Course: SSAT/ISEE TestPrep Summer Camp gives direction and focus for our students’ SSAT/ISEE preparation and training. Specific skills that the test demands and the most effective strategies are taught to help students improve their vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension and test-oriented writing ability. Content (3 terms, 9 weeks, 45 classes, 135 hours): 1) 700+ Spelling Words to Help Support Learning 2) 540+ Academic Words to Enrich Vocabulary Acquisition 3) 900+ Advanced Academic Words to Enrich Vocabulary 4) 40+ Reading Strategies to Boost Comprehension 5) 135+ Reading Passages to Improve Reading Analysis 6) 45 Test-oriented Writings to Get Prepared Verbal: 1. Demonstrate command of the knowledge of word relationships, and nuances in word meanings. 2. Distinguish among the associations of words with similar definitions/denotations. 3. Acquire and use accurately academic and domain-specific vocabularies. 4. Compare and contrast the following relationships among words: ✧Cause-effect ✧Part-whole ✧Positive-negative ✧Degree ✧Purpose ✧Association ✧Quantity-quality ✧Subjective-objective ✧Homophony ✧Active-passive ✧Physical-mental ✧Human-nonhuman ✧Syntax ✧Shape relations Reading Comprehension: 1. Determine a central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details. 2. Explain how an author develops the point of view of the narrator in a text. 3. Determine an author’s point of view or purpose in a text and explain how it is conveyed in the text. 4. Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly. 5. Demand the techniques to crack the following types of questions: ✧Main idea Question ✧Summary Question ✧Inference Question ✧Example Question ✧Word-in-Context Question ✧Analogy Question ✧Understanding Attitude Question ✧Understanding Purpose ✧Relationship Question ✧Overall Structural Relationships Writing: For more information ,please see the full version of course outline. Curriculum Fee: $1500 per term (Monday to Friday), Our Summer Sessions is a three week program.

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