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This CogAT prep course can help to build kindergarten students cognitive skills and learning abilities. It is designed to introduce and enrich the skills needed on the CogAT exam over different categories. During each session students will be given practice materials by topic.


Our CogAT Prep course is a wonderful opportunity for children in kindergarten level to prepare for the CogAT exam in order to qualify for the Gifted & Talented programs.

Course Target

  • Enhance reasoning and problem solving skills

  • Provide activities using analogies, pattern decoding, inference, and more

  • Appeals to prereaders and early readers

  • Build essential critical thinking skills

  • Build confidence through practice and familiarity with the test format

  • Provide test taking tips and suggestions 


A+ Learning Center’s CogAT curriculum covers the following contents:

●  Determine the relationship between two concepts, represented either through images or words
 Complete sentences that are read or heard
 Classify a concept based on its relationship to other concepts, represented either through images or words


  Determine the relationship between two mathematical concepts
  From a series of numbers, deduce the underlying pattern and predict the next entry in sequence
  Link the relationship between two sets of numbers based on arithmetic rules


 Identify the geometric relationship between two figures and apply that relationship to another set of figures
 Use spatial thinking to predict the appearance of unfolded paper that is cut while folded
 Choose a shape or figure that fits into a given category


Gifted Vocabulary
Students improve their academic vocabulary through exposure and testing of knowledge of
new words.

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