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A+ Learning Center

Our Test Preparation course, spanning an intensive nine-week period during our summer camp, is uniquely designed with diverse and distinct content each week. This ensures a comprehensive coverage of essential academic skills, including vocabulary development, reading comprehension, writing enhancement, mathematics, and focused test practice. The variety and depth of content are specifically tailored to prepare students thoroughly for the Test Boost course in the fall and crucial end-of-year assessments.

We strongly emphasize the varied nature of our curriculum to highlight the benefits of engaging in the full nine-week course. Each week's unique focus not only prevents redundancy but also ensures that students are consistently challenged and engaged, fostering a deeper understanding and mastery of the material. By committing to the entire course duration, students are given the unparalleled opportunity to build upon their knowledge and skills systematically. This approach significantly elevates their potential for securing high, competitive scores on SSAT and ISEE. 

A+ is officially authorized by STAR assessments, syncing data with Washington State and nationwide school districts.

Our entry and term assessments scientifically track your child's learning progress, unlocking a more effective learning experience. We aim to maximize each student's potential, applying the right techniques to see their needs and strategically plan their path to success.

여름 캠프 2020

2024 summer0306_00_edited.jpg

나이 : 5-16 세 (PK-11 학년)

등록비: $ 50 (등록비는 가족당 한 번만 필요합니다.)

커리큘럼 요금 : 반나절 (월 ~ 금) 당 $ 1200, 여름 캠프는 3 주간의 프로그램입니다. 선택한 수업에 유연하게 참여할 수 있습니다.

내용 (3 학기, 9 주, 45 수업, 135 시간) :

1 학기 : 6 월 29 일 ~ 7 월 17 일

2 학기 : 7 월 20 일 ~ 8 월 7 일

3 학기 : 8 월 10 일 -8 월 28 일


월-금 9 : 00-12 : 00AM (간격 SSAT / AMC / CogAT

월-금 13 : 00-16 : 00PM (사이에 파열

  언어 예술 + 수학

추신 : COVID-19의 출현으로 모든 코스가 온라인 버전으로 변경되었습니다.
캠프 수업은 여전히 ​​온라인 예약이 가능합니다. 온라인 수업 등록을 알리는 후속 이메일이 예약 후 발송됩니다.



Intensive Prep Courses

Mon-Fri  9:00 -12:00 AM (PT)

$2250 / 3 weeks / 45 hours



Intensive Prep Courses

Mon-Fri  13:00 -16:00 PM (PT)

$1575 / 3 weeks / 45 hours


Language Art Foundation intensive Prep courses

Mon-Fri  16:45 -18:45 PM (PT)

$900 / 3 weeks / 30 hours

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