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"A+ Learning is the best because at school they teach the same stuff and it makes it so easy. The teachers in A+ Learning are funny, kind and friendly…it is wonderful there!" - Suri

A+ Learning Center

"A+ Learning sets challenges which I sometimes have not covered at school, therefore it broadens my knowledge." - Raymond


"One of our favourite things about A+ Learning is the teachers.  Whenever we are stuck on something they are always there to help.  Coming to A+ Learning is a fun and exciting way of learning." - Sarah


"I like going to A+ and it has helped me at school. I used to hate maths but now I like it. The tutors make the work really fun for me..I don’t have a favourite tutor because they are all my favourite!" - Maxwell


"A+ Learning helps me keep up with my class and sometimes puts me ahead. My favourite thing is the way it is so easy to get assistance." - Rebecca


"A+ is a lovely and fun place to learn.  It has helped me a lot and I really love coming here and seeing all the teachers ready to help me." - Annie


"A+ makes you even more clever. It gives you good ideas when you are writing stories and helps you get better at maths and English. My favourite bit is Creative Writing because I enjoy it and it helps you at English.  Most of the work we do at school we do here too." - Tayyab Hasam


"A+ Learning Center goes over things till you get used it and after that it produces new things and it gets harder. My favourite thing is how they show you new things all the time." - Connor


"You get helped in a way you understand, my maths has improved which has not only helped my maths but has helped my physics too. It boosts me up in other subjects. Before I wouldn’t ask for help, I would feel scared because I don’t want to feel stupid. Now I will ask because I feel more confident. It’s great because the Magic Math sessions fit around my life." - Yumi


"A+ Learning Center helps me with school work because it makes the work easy to understand. They show me new sums I have never done before and then they show me an easy way of doing them. My favourite thing about Explore is how you meet new people who can help you and you can make new friends." - Alicia


"I used to be shy and never put my hand up but everyone here is so nice and helpful, I am smarter than I have ever been. Everybody is so kind and they are always happy. I love A+ Learning Center, I will never leave!" - Rose


"A+ Learning Center has been like a second home,  I really enjoy coming in to see Jason for help with my 3rd grade math. I went from getting a C in math and now is getting A's on my tests." - Cici


My daughter's experience with A+ Learning Center is very friendly and helpful. A+ Learning Center spent a lot time listening to what the student really needs because they believe in "every student is unique". For my daughter's case, an tailor-made lessons are designed. Her improvement can be seen. This is the part I am impressed with the most. My daughter has been learning at A+ Learning Center  for years.  With its staffs' help, especially with its nice manager Angela's advice, my daughter got the admission offer from her dream private middle School of Bellevue on last Saturday. Thanks. - Mira

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