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A+ is officially authorized by STAR assessments, syncing data with Washington State and nationwide school districts.

Grade:  G1-G6 

Content (3 terms, 9 weeks, 14-44 classes, 28-88 hours):

Monday to Friday  16:45-18:45 PM  PST(With Breaks)

Vocabulary+Reading Day : 2 days/  week

Language Skill+Writing Day : 2 days/ week

Presentation Day : 1 day/week

Term 1  6/24-7/13  7/4/2024 NO Class  ($840, 3 weeks, 28 Hours)

Term 27/15-8/4  ($900, 3 weeks, 30 Hours)

Term 3 :  8/5-8/24  ($900, 3 weeks, 30 Hours)

Curriculum Fee: Starting from $840  per term , Our  Summer Sessions is a 3 weeks program. You can do this with the flexibility of coming on to the classes of your choice.

Our entry and term assessments scientifically track your child's learning progress, unlocking a more effective learning experience. We aim to maximize each student's potential, applying the right techniques to see their needs and strategically plan their path to success.

여름 캠프 2020

2024 summer0305_00.png

Language Arts + Math 집중 여름 캠프 준비 과정

SSAT / ISEE 집중 캠프 준비 과정

暑期LA reading skill.png
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