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Star Assessmentprocedural steps

Pre-assessment Notices

  • Star assessments are computer-based and once confirmed, options cannot be changed. Parents, please assist your children in scheduling their assessment time.

  • Star Reading/Math assessments consist of 37 questions each. The first 3 questions are warm-up, followed by 34 formal questions.

  • Each subject test takes approximately 15-30 minutes, with 35 seconds allocated per question. A countdown timer will appear during the questions, and if the time is exceeded, the system will automatically proceed to the next question.

  • The STAR test employs an adaptive system that adjusts question difficulty in real-time based on a child's performance. If a child answers correctly, the questions become more challenging. If they answer incorrectly or do not respond, the difficulty decreases.

  • If you encounter a "monitor password" during the test, please enter the password: aplus.

  • This is the information from my existing website. Please help me translate it into English for the website.

​Step 1

After entering the test website, select

【I‘m a Student】

​Step 2

Enter the user name and password provided by the teacher

​Step 3

​If 'Are you inside your school?' appears, please select: 'No'

​Step 4

Select based on student needs: 'STAR Reading,' or 'STAR Math,' you can also complete both.


If the 'monitor password' page appears, please enter: aplus

Sample Questions
Assessment report

After the Star assessment, a teacher will be responsible for providing students with assessment reports. 

*Sample report selected from the A+ student database


Try your best!

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